Deck Cleaning

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Whether its deck cleaning and sealing, fence restoration, or cleaning and staining of gazebos, pergolas or any other wooden structure exposed to the elements, Pressure Point Cleaners is your answer!

Wood Restoration is a challenge, and no two decks are the same. Call a Des Moines deck cleaning and staining company that specializes in this type of work. We at Pressure Point Cleaners aim to be seen as the masters of deck restoration in Central Iowa. We know the proper methods to safely strip existing stains from decks, to effectively neutralize our cleaning chemistry, and to apply long lasting protection to your valuable assets. We do it all with an attention to detail and a care that will leave the area around your deck undamaged and clean.

Free Estimates Over the Phone

If you would like an estimate over the phone or through email, please have the following information on hand:

  1. Condition of the deck. Most decks fall into the following categories: unstained & grey, unstained & mildewed/mossy, previously stained with oil product, or previously stained with solid paint-like product.
  2. Square footage of decking. For most decks, this would be the length multiplied by the width of each rectangular section. 
  3. Type of railing.  The three most common types of railing include 2×2 wooden spindles, 2×4 horizontal  rails, and hybrid railing (usually with metal spindles).
  4. Length of railing, measured in linear feet.
  5. Number of steps.
  6. Height of deck.  Usually ground level, or second story.

We prefer to provide the free phone estimate based on your information before coming out for an in-person price quote, this helps us keep our prices low.

One Time Sealant

You may have heard about our popular permanent wood stabilizer. Anyone who is tired of seeing their deck split, warp, and reject fasteners in between deck stainings can get excited about our Premium Deck Restoration! Our solution is not a surface coating. It penetrates through the wood and forms a permanent seal against water from the inside out. This technique stabilizes the wood against changes in Iowa’s temperature and humidity, preventing any rot, splitting, cupping, cracking, and fastener rejection. The application of this stabilizer, though offering tremendous protection alone, goes above and beyond by strengthening the adhesion and longevity of any surface coatings applied as the final step in wood restoration.

Fence and Deck Staining

Pressure Point Cleaners, your choice in a Des Moines Deck cleaning and staining company, is proud to utilize Ready Seal brand deck and fence stain as our final step in wood restoration. Ready Seal manufactures beautiful stains that NEVER crack, chip, flake or peal. We like to say that Ready Seal “ages gracefully”, by fading over time as it shields your deck from the sun. The result is that the long term upkeep of Ready Seal deck stain offers tremendous advantages over most other stains, especially water or latex based deck stains. Unlike other stains, when the time comes for a fresh coat of stain, we just clean, dry and re-apply. No sanding or stripping required. This amazing feature makes it possible for Pressure Point Cleaners to offer our popular Free Stain For Life Maintenance Program.

Free Stain For Life Maintenance Program

Stain manufacturers suggest that an annual light cleaning will increase the life-span of wood stains exposed to the elements. This translates into better protection of your investment. Have Pressure Point Cleaners perform a light cleaning annually and when the time comes for a fresh coat of stain, we’ll throw in the supplies for free! You will never have to pay for stain again. We can do this because maintaining Ready Seal on a deck uses significantly less product than starting from scratch everytime.  This can save you several hundred dollars at each staining. You can even change the tint if you prefer. We also give our labor costs for the annual cleaning and occasional staining upfront so you know exactly what you’d pay to keep your deck looking beautiful every year.  The best part is that the maintenance costs average less than 50% of your initial maintenance investment.