Roof Cleaning

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Those stains on your asphalt shingles are caused by airborne bacteria that are eating away at your roof! Call a Des Moines roof cleaning professional who uses the only cleaning method recommended by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association and taught in the Certification course at the Roof Cleaning Institute of America. This is a no-pressure application of cleaning agents that will kill and thoroughly remove organisms from your shingles. Other methods utilizing pressure may void your shingle warranty!

Don’t replace your roof, clean it!

Premier Roof Cleaning in Des Moines

Pressure Point Cleaners, based in Ames Iowa, also offers Cedar Shake services that can restore weathered shake and protect it from further damage. We utilize the same permanent sealant made popular in our premium deck restoration package. This is a one time investment that will add many years to the life of your Cedar Shake roof, and can be applied to brand new shingles as a preemptive approach to improving the value of your home!

We carry insurance that covers roof work, and most importantly, actually includes the material we are directly working on. Many policies would exclude this!

Why Clean Your Shingles?

Cleaning your asphalt shingles will not only transform the look or your home or property, dramatically enhancing it’s curb appeal but it will also prolong the life of your roof. Shingled roofing left to harbor bacteria and algae can dramatically reduce the life of your roof by trapping moisture and dirt. This makes for a fertile ground for further decomposes such as moss and lichen. These organisms have root systems that tear apart shingles over time.  Cleaning your roof now can help you enjoy the full service life of your roof. Why spend thousands of dollars replacing your roof in a few years when for a small fraction of the cost you can have it cleaned and get a decade or more out of it?  It is also a good idea for protecting your health and the health of your family. Algae and bacteria found commonly in asphalt shingles is proven to cause respiratory problems and can increase the chance of children developing asthma.

We are offering free 14 point roof inspections for anybody who would like to do a cost-benefit analysis of roof cleaning vs. roof replacement. We are looking for customers for life so we pledge not to sell a roof cleaning to a customer who really needs to have their roof replaced. We’d encourage roofing contractors to make a similar pledge…to not replace a roof that just needs a cleaning!

Cedar Shake Cleaning

Do you have a cedar shake roof that you would like to protect and restore to a newer appearance? Pressure Point Cleaners offers a safe and effective solution to clean cedar shakes and shingles. You have probably heard that cedar shake boasts a long, long lifespan but it does require some maintenance. Proper care can keep this valuable asset of yours beautiful and functional for many more years.

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Safe cedar shake cleaning process

Pressure Point Cleaners favors a safe cleaning process for all of our wood restoration projects, including cedar shakes, known in the industry as “3-Stepping”. After inspecting the roof for any necessary repairs the restoration process is as follows:

  1. Cedar-friendly, and plant safe cleaning agent applied
  2. Low pressure rinse (between 500-1000 psi, never directed up or beneath the shingles).
  3. Cedar shake brightened.

Preservation Option

Pressure Point Cleaners recommends that all exterior wood, including cedar shakes, are protected with professional grade wood treatments. Exposed to the harsh seasons that Iowa brings to your home, your cedar shakes go through countless wet-dry cycles with the changes in temperature and humidity. The resultant swelling and contracting causes splitting, cracking, cupping and fastener rejection. This, coupled with various living organisms taking root, such as cyanobacteria, lichen, moss and fungi, will wreak havoc on the lifespan of your otherwise hardy choice of shingle. The application of improper surface coatings can actually do more harm than good by preventing your cedar shakes from drying appropriately.

Pressure Point Cleaners offers a treatment with a product known as a “wood stabilizer”, containing natural cedar oils. Also used in our popular deck and fence restoration services, this product is not a surface coating, but a penetrating and enriching sealant. It will greatly reducing the amount of swelling and contracting your shingles go through and naturally strengthen its resistance to attack from pest and other organisms. Because this stabilizer does not contain pigments, it will not require maintenance or repeat coatings, and your cedar shake will be allowed to mature again to its beautiful silvery appearance.

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There is no need to replace this valuable asset of your home simply because of its current appearance or the presence of moss or lichen. For a small fraction of what it would cost you to replace your shake with either new cedar or even asphalt shingles, you can have Pressure Point Cleaners restore it.

Areas of Service

Pressure Point Cleaners is proud to offer solutions to cedar shake cleaning needs in all of Central Iowa, including Ames, and the greater Des Moines metropolitan area. Please call to set up your no-obligation inspection and quote. 515.451.9311

Pressure Point Cleaners is cleaning roofs in Ames, Des Moines and all surrounding cities. We service the following counties of: Boone, Marshall, Story, Polk, Dallas and Warren.